Dram Shop & Liquor Liability

Our legal team recognizes that dram shop liability is a concern for alcohol-serving establishments and their insurers. We provide skilled representation in liquor liability cases defending restaurants, bars, taverns, nightclubs, catering halls, fraternal organizations, social hosts and other commercial premises.  This area of practice includes claims based on Indiana’s Dram Shop law, a statute that imposes liability on hospitality defendants for furnishing alcohol to visibly intoxicated patrons or guests, as well as general negligence claims, including premises liability, assault, auto accidents and wrongful death actions.

Lewis Wagner’s dram shop and liquor liability attorneys are well-equipped to perform the intensive investigations frequently required in these types of cases, including rapid responses to scene inspections as well as locating, and interviewing key witnesses, working with law enforcement and gathering related criminal case information for allegedly intoxicated persons and preserving evidence to support the defense of our hospitality clients. Lewis Wagner understands the urgency typically required when defending dram cases, which allows us to develop early defense strategies and tactics that lead to satisfactory conclusions to litigation.

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