From One New Lawyer to Another: An Attempt to Flatten the Learning Curve

Taylor Fontan

Once I graduated from law school, I assumed I was done worrying about hitting the curve. As I entered practice, I had the optimistic idea that my adjustment to the “real world” would be relatively straightforward. While I knew I was unlikely to have developed the skills of a seasoned litigator in law school, I thought that, somehow, completing my third year of law school and passing the bar exam made me into a far better lawyer than my 2L, law clerk self that knew nothing in comparison to practicing colleagues.  Instead, I, like most new lawyers, took the plunge into reality: a reality that consisted of not only learning how to be a lawyer, but facing that challenge amidst a global pandemic without the immediacy and kinship that the office setting provides.

I cannot pretend to completely understand all the challenges new Indiana lawyers will face given the uncertainty of COVID-19. Despite this unprecedented set of circumstances, however, there are many lessons that are applicable not only in times of video-conferencing and home offices, but in future years of practice.

Here are some of the tips I can offer to help any new lawyer flatten the legal practice learning curve…

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