Committed to Social Justice and Equality

As a group of civil lawyers committed to social justice and equality, Lewis Wagner, LLP condemns the recent and deeply disturbing acts of hatred, racism, and discrimination that our country has witnessed.  The tragic and senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd – and the incident involving Christian Cooper in Central Park – show just how much work we as a country have ahead of us to build a more just, equal, and safe society.  We acknowledge the feelings of pain, frustration, and outrage that have understandably erupted in the wake of these tragedies, and we support the right of the American people to peaceably protest.  We stand with the Black Lives Matters movement and all of its allies in pushing for systemic change in American structures that perpetuate racial inequality and injustice.  As legal professionals, we will do what we can to listen, learn, understand, educate, and advocate.  All people, in every community, including our own, are equally deserving of value, respect, and safety.