The Black, the White, and the Gray: How Marijuana Use by CMV Drivers is Evaluated in Indiana

Truck on Open Road with Blue Sky

The Changing Landscape Laws regarding marijuana have changed significantly in recent years. Many states and the District of Columbia have legalized or decriminalized marijuana. More states could follow suit this year, with several states expected to put recreational marijuana use on the ballot, while other states are preparing legislation that addresses marijuana legalization. Counties are […]

Is Police Body Cam Video Admissible in Transportation Litigation?

Police Car with Sirens on

Police body-worn camera footage is becoming more prevalent in transportation personal injury lawsuits. These cameras (frequently referred to as “body cams”) often act as the unbiased witness to the moments after an accident. Body camera footage taken at an accident scene might bolster or weaken your case by containing the parties’ initial unguarded statements. These […]