A Case Study: Postnuptial Agreements in Estate Planning

A Case Study: Postnuptial Agreements in Estate Planning

I recently met with new estate planning clients who moved to Indiana from New Mexico about two years ago. It started as a straightforward consultation for a married couple in their mid-70s: A first marriage for both spouses (going on 50 years!), they had two children together, and they have one grandchild. As we began […]

Charting the Course for Estate Plans

Many attorneys experience some version of the following scenario at one time or another – You meet with clients to discuss a legal agreement they want you to prepare, you prepare the agreement, send follow up correspondence to the clients regarding specific terms and issues of importance, revise the agreement according to the clients’ input, […]

Disclosing the Plan in Advance

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Estate planning clients, typically those nearing or beyond retirement, often ask what kind of information they should share during life with the beneficiaries of their estate. If one child will be treated differently than others, how should they address it, if at all? Should they disclose the fact that an inheritance is likely? (Research shows […]