A Healthy Dose of Humility Never Hurt Anyone

Jordan T. Crabtree

The last thing Indiana Lawyer readers need is a new attorney giving them tips, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid.  So, as a new attorney, I will instead tell a story (Warning:  The following column will be written in first-person point of view – Grammar police beware) about humility – something that any person can (and should) experience at any time in their life.  I received a large dose of it after I was sworn in as an attorney.

You see, I graduated IU McKinney School of Law in May of 2019.  I now had this big, fancy law diploma.  I took the Indiana Bar in July of 2019 (side note, I thought for sure I had failed it; after the last day of the exam, I called my wife and said, “Love, I sure am glad that’s over, but I might have to take this thing again.”).  Miraculously, I found out in September of 2019 that I passed the Indiana Bar.  Words do not do justice to the horror of seeing the notification that the Bar results are in and the euphoria of seeing that you passed.  Finally, on October 2, 2019, also my Dad’s birthday, I was sworn in as an Indiana attorney.

What a momentous occasion.  I was high on life – on top of the world.  Soon, I would surely be swimming in pleadings, depositions, trials, client parties, office gatherings – the whole nine yards.  Not quite.  Next thing you know, I was working at the Amazon Fulfillment Center IND1 in Whitestown, IN, pushing a cart with two yellow totes on it, “picking” orders for the good people of the Indianapolis area.  If you ordered something off of Amazon from October to December of 2019, I very well may have “picked” that order for you (don’t worry, we didn’t know who we were picking orders for).  Let me tell you, you really can buy anything on Amazon.

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